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Job Summary  
The position mainly entails assisting the senior engineers and consultants in various engineering works.
Specific Duties and Responsibilities
1. Assists senior engineers in the preparation of various engineering design reports and calculations;
2. Assists Senior Engineers in checking drawings prepared by CAD operator(s);
3. Participates in coordination meetings as required by the Engineering Manager or Senior Engineers; and
4. Performs miscellaneous duties and tasks deemed relevant by the immediate superior(s) from time to time.
Job Specifications 
The successful candidate must have the following minimum qualifications:  a holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from a reputable university, a licensed civil engineer, 
has at least one year civil engineering-related work experience and fluent in both written and spoken English.
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Job Summary:
The position is mainly responsible in supporting the Senior Structural Engineer in the preparation of design and details.
Specific Duties and Responsibilities

1. Performs structural analysis and design of structures in accordance with the National Structural Code of the Philippines, using computer-aided structural design software such STAAD;
2. Prepares all plans and drawings, design calculations as well as quantity estimates of all building design works;
3. Coordinates with the members of the Detailed Engineering Design Group;
4. Checks all drawings and plans submitted by the CAD operators;
5. Conducts project site visits as required; and
6. Performs miscellaneous duties and tasks deemed relevant by the immediate superior(s) from time to time.

Job Specifications
The successful candidate must have the following minimum qualifications: a holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Structural Engineering from a reputable university, licensed, 
has at least two-year structural engineering-related work experience, good in AutoCAD application, and fluent in both written and spoken English.
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Job Summary
The position is mainly responsible in supporting various Engineers in the preparation of drawings.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Prepares drawings using Autocad software;
2. Revises and updates drawings as required by designated Engineers;
3. Assists in preparation of reports; and
4. Performs miscellaneous duties and tasks deemed relevant by the immediate superior(s) from time to time.

Job Specifications
The successful candidate must have the following minimum qualifications: must have reached at least second year in College or completed an associate course, 
has at least one year of CAD experience, a team player, with good interpersonal skills, proficient in the use of Autocad, has the ability to read information and instructions 
given by the Design Engineers, and willing to be assigned in Batangas.
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Job Description

The Information Technology (IT) Technical Support position is mainly responsible in ensuring that all computer workstations and servers and as well as networking and communication equipments are fully operational and shall give assistance or support in line of IT/technical matters.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Prepares graphical designs, layouts and other media-related materials the office needs.
2. Regular monitoring on the status of software, hardware and other IT equipment in the office.
3. Assists in the assessment, testing installation, configuration and troubleshooting of software, hardware and other IT equipment in the office.
4. Assists in the regular backup of data files on servers, desktops, and laptops.
5. Assists on web-related administration of the company’s websites, intranet and/or extranet sites.
6. Assists in the administration and management of the company’s database systems.
7. Coordinates with the purchasing department and assists in the purchase request process of IT/Technical.
8. Prepares documents (technical or non-technical) whenever asked by the managers and officers.
9. Ensure that all data and information received, gathered and known especially confidential or proprietary information or material concerning the Company or its operations, whether soft copies or hard copies, should be kept confidential and secure.
10. Performs miscellaneous duties and tasks deemed relevant by the immediate superior(s) from time to time.

Job Specifications

The successful candidate must have the following minimum qualifications: a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Technology or any IT-related course, knowledgeable in using the following software: Photo editing, graphics editing, office productivity and mapping softwares. Familiar in web-based programming such as HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX and JavaScript, and have undergone trainings in IT-related topics, fluent in both written and spoken English and has at least one year IT-related work experience.

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Job Summary  
The position mainly entails assisting the Senior Material Engineer in various engineering works.

Specific Duties and responsibilities:
1. Assist the Sr. Material Engineer in the preparation of the project implementation program, guidelines and test procedures for supervising field roadworks and other construction-related material quality control.
2. Assist the Sr. Material Engineer supervise the contractor operation in materials testing laboratory. 
3. Assist the Sr. Material Engineer check the performance of all sample gathered, material laboratory tests and products are in accordance with the quality required by the
 plans and specifications;
4. Assist the Sr. Material Engineer ensure that all testing was carried out by the contractor correctly to the proper level of accuracy; and
5. Assist the Sr. Material Engineer in the reports, claim evaluations and contractor negotiations on any variation order.
6. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Sr. Material Engineer
Job Specifications:
Must be a Filipino Registered Civil Engineer and accredited DPWH Materials Engineer I and with 2 year experience as Materials Engineer in the construction of National highways, 
bridges, viaducts, expressways, or national roads and bridges; willing to be assigned in Batangas.
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Job Summary  
The position mainly entails assisting the Senior Geodetic Engineer in various engineering works.  

Specific Duties and responsibilities:
1. Assist the Sr. Geodetic Engineer supervise the Contractor in carrying site validation of soil and ground conditions;
2. Assist the Sr. Geodetic Engineer review the Contractor's project implementation program related to soil and foundation;
3. Assist the Sr. Geodetic Engineer provide technical advice to the civil engineer inspectors and contractors related to soil and foundation construction works for the
 successful performance of work and smooth construction progress;
4. Assist the Sr. Geodetic Engineer on any design change or construction schedule relating to soil;
5. Assist the Sr. Geodetic Engineer in the review and approval of the contractor's payment certificate related to soil and foundation works;
6. Assist the Sr. Geodetic Engineer in the determination of the correct founding elevation of driven piles, selection of locations for pile load tests, verification of test method and 
evaluation of results; and
7. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Sr. Geodetic Engineer.

Job Specifications:
Must be a Filipino registered Geodetic Engineer with 2 year experience as Geodetic Survey Engineer; willing to be assigned in Batangas.
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Job Summary

The position mainly entails providing administrative support by handling information request and performing clerical functions such as preparing correspondence and travel orders, receiving visitors, arranging conference calls, and scheduling meetings.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Receives incoming correspondence for the project including faxes, transmittals, and emails;
2. Files and retrieves documents, records, and reports of the department;
3. Arranges, coordinates, and schedules meetings and appointments for the project;
4. Assists in the schedule of activities of the Project as directed by the Project Manager;
5. Assists in the preparation of memos, reports, and letters and other documents, using word processing, spreadsheet, database, and/or presentation software as instructed; and
6. Performs miscellaneous duties and tasks deemed relevant by the immediate superior (s) from time to time.

Job Specifications

The successful candidate must have the following minimum qualifications: a college graduate, has a good planning and organizational skills, ability to handle and maintain records, gather data, compile information, can establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, managers, and top executives, has the ability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken English, proficient in Microsoft Office Application, preferably, Word, Excel and Powerpoint, with pleasing personality, and willing to be assigned in Batangas.

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Job Description

Job Summary

The position is mainly responsible in collecting and delivering important documents, mails, parcels, and other important materials directly to the receiving person and/or offices. Responsible for keeping office area clean and in order.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Transports and pick up important documents as directed;
  • Maintains good housekeeping in the office such as; dishwashing, garbage disposal, floor polishing, and other related tasks;
  • Facilitates payment of office utilities and other requirements as directed;
  • Assists in photocopying of official documents;
  • Assists in production and reproduction of company proposals and reports; and
  • Perform miscellaneous duties and tasks deemed relevant by the immediate superior(s) from time to time.

Qualifications and Skills

The successful candidate must have the following minimum qualifications: at least High School graduate, vision to read printed materials and mobility to work using standard office equipment, demonstrate communication skills both oral and written, must have a pleasing personality, flexible and hardworking, with a minimum 1-2 years related working experience, and willing to be assigned in Batangas.

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